Jessica Alba looks amazing at premier of "Valentine's Day"

Jessica Alba at "Valentine's Day" premier

Doesn’t Jessica Alba look as gorgeous as ever at the Valentine’s Day premier? I’m hoping my husband will treat me to see this star-studded chic flik on Valentine’s Day weekend. As always, Jessica looks chic and fashionable with her own unique style.

In my opinion, what makes all the difference in pulling this ensemble together is Jessica’s fabulous footwear. Her green wedge sandals not only add much-needed color to bring out her peacock dress, but demonstrate her awareness of one of this spring’s hottest trends: wedge sandals. These delicious pieces of eye candy are a must-have for any trendy woman’s spring wardrobe. Classy enough for formal events, yet causal enough for a breezy day in the sun, these wedge sandals are the perfect fit for any occasion. Their chameleon-like nature lets you pair them successfully with virtually unlimited outfits. Let your imagination wander, and get creative!

As you can see from Jessica’s style, you’ll love how easily these sandals can complement your unique taste. One of the benefits of wedge sandals, aside from the extra lift they give, is that they combine the durable support of a regular shoe with the comfort of a sandal. Who says feet have to be unhappy to look good? With wedge sandals, you can look great and be comfortable all the time!



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