Textured Booties and Tiny Twin Blondes

I always wanted to have a twin sister, as well as my own clothing line. Looks like my wish was stolen by Mary-Kate and Ashley! This week, the dynamic duo presented their fall collection to a select gallery gathering. Among the VIP invitees were Carey Mulligan, Ashley’s boyfriend (Justin Bartha,) and Chloe Sevigny. Being short in stature, the Olsen twins are naturals when it comes to choosing fantastic lifts. It was interesting that they chose to pair sandals or textured booties with almost every outfit.

The recently-popular wedge sandals made quite a splash! Their curves and padding provide extra comfort and snug support, even for small feet.  And when it came time for the heels, the twins preferred the snazzy, gladiator strap look. What’s especially great about these heels is the sexy straps; they keep your feet snugly in place so your toes can take a break from the “gripping” workout they’re used to! Also, many of the new textured booty heels are tapered, giving you even better stability.

Like in wedge sandals, wedges can also be found in all sorts of textured booties, perfect for cooler weather. For even greater lift, try the textured booties the twins use! Of course, it’s all about texture, so now you’ve got options. DNA Footwear has a huge selection of styles to choose from, everything from punk Chopper Casuals to suede Call Me Opens, so go nuts! Remember, you’re making a statement with your choice of texture. Why settle for something ordinary? No matter what the outside of your textured booties look like, make sure they feel good on the inside as well. Soft leather or suede insoles will help to ward off blisters while keeping your feet dry. So for warm, sexy & happy feet this month, Textured Booties are a sure bet!



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