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Get the Oscar Look for Less with Nina Shoes!

Recently on the NBC Today show, a feature was done on how to get the “Oscar” look without paying your life savings (unless you’re Sandra Bullock, Meryl Streep, of course). The look specifically discussed was how to obtain Maggie Gyllenhaal’s elegant, glamorous look: Although you can’t see her shoes in this pic (what often happens…

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DNA Footwear Shoes in this month’s Life and Style Magazine!

The popularity of the large variety of fashionable shoes from DNA Footwear has gotten the attention of yet another magazine, Life and Style. The gorgeous Alexandra High Heel by Betsey Johnson is elegant and stylish, while the glamorous Poetic License high heels will have all your fashion forward friends talking about your impeccable taste! Don’t…

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Spring Into New Shoes At a Discount Too!

SAD–seasonal affective disorder–can be tough.  One way I cope with the winter blues is to slip my feet into a new pair of some special spring shoes!  There’s something comforting about knowing that what I buy today will soon be hugging  my feet as I celebrate the season of life. Unlike the dark days of…

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