People Magazine Features Dav Rain boots!

People Magazine, one of the most commonly read magazines every month, recently posted in their Style Watch section Dav rain boots!

Dav rain boots are the answer to how to keep dry during icky inclement weather, yet still retain some sense of style. Before Dav, it was not possible to have your cake and eat it too; you had to choose between staying dry or looking good. Fortunately, Dav rain boots allow you to do both!  With their patented PVC uppers, the rain stays out of your boots, keeping your feet dry. In addition, Dav rain boots include a Poron insert, which helps with shock absorption, and ultimately keeps you, and your feet, super comfortable.

Obviously, Dav rain boots succeed in their ultimate job of keeping your feet dry and pampered. However, the makers of these fabulous boots also went the extra mile to make them cool and stylish as well. You can pick what size heel, if any, you want, along with a large selection of zippers, colors, and other designs that make these rain boots fashionable and hip.

People Magazine contributors noticed Dav rain boots for a reason – they’re a must-have addition to any shoe collection!



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