Dr. Martens Boots Fresh and Hip in People Magazine

One of the most respected brands in shoes, Dr. Martens, rises to the stiff footwear style competition yet again. As demonstrated in People Magazine’s Style Watch, the addition of 1B99 Mid-Calf Dr. Martens boots to this otherwise light feminine ensemble is the perfect style choice here. By doing so, these women pull off a casual, chic, edgy look perfect for having fun adventures around any bustling, hip city. As opposed to pairing sandals or heels with these skirts (which would have been over-the-top and desperate looking), pairing the 1B99 Mid-Calf Dr. Martens boots balances the entire outfit to appear effortlessly trendy and cool.

Dr. Martens 1B99 Mid-Calf Boots in People Magazine

With 14 lace up eyelets, these 1B99 Mid-Calf Dr. Martens boots combine classic, quality construction with a fresh, fun design.  With a look recognized everywhere for reliability and durability, these 1B99 Mid-Calf Dr. Martens boots include their world famous air cushioned sole, providing exceptional comfort. These boots are a must-have!



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