Beyoncé Loves Walking in High Heels

Beyoncé is one of those people who just seems to possess every sought after quality imaginable: she’s beautiful, she can act, she can sing, and she has tons of style. To top it all off, she shared with People Magazine’s Style Watch that apparently she can also walk on cobblestones wearing high heels!! Is it fair for one person alone to possess this many talents??

Beyoncé and High Heels in People's Style Watch

If I had Beyoncé’s high heel talent, I would wear gorgeous heels as often as she does.  One of the heels pictured with her in People Magazine is a Beata High Heel Sandal by Bebe.  This sexy high heel sandal has a  snakeskin embossed leather top, flirty and convenient lace-up ties, and sparkly studs.  I can’t imagine a more flirty high heel sandal!

Also pictured with Beyoncé is the very colorful Zed High Heel Platform Sandal by L.A.M.B. These edgy heels definitely stand apart from the crowd with their unique design and combination of colors.  Made of leather with an adjustable ankle closure, these remarkable high heel sandals are also surprisingly comfortable and easy to wear.  Right now at DNA Footwear,  the typically expensive Zed High Heel Platform Sandal is also on sale, so there’s no better excuse to be as totally cool as Beyoncé!



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