Britney Spears Wears Ugg Boots Shopping In Beverly Hills

We all know how talented Britney Spears is with her music and singing career.  Something I did not know about Britney Spears is her interesting shopping habits.  According to OK Magazine, Britney changed looks completely while strolling around in Beverly Hills. I can understand changing at home for more appropriate event attire (and have done so on numerous occasions); changing a look while out and about by one’s self is definitely unusual. Who ever said Britney Spears was normal though?

Ok Magazine Features Britney Spears Wearing Ugg Boots

Aside from her interesting changing/shopping habits, I noticed in OK Magazine Britney Spears’ choice of shoes displayed. The original shoes she had decided to wear while out were a pair of Ugg boots, specifically the Bailey Button Casual Boot.  Obviously, Ugg boots aren’t just a super popular shoe choice with much of the typical public…big celebrities such as Britney Spears loves them too.  When you look at all of their fabulous assets, it’s easy to see why. The Ugg Bailey Button Casual Boot is calf height, and made with real twin-faced Grade A sheepskin with suede heel guards.  The liner as well is made from this super comfortable sheepskin, and this particular design includes a wooden Ugg logo button and elastic closure,  making it fun and easy to wear this boot in a variety of styles.  It’s no wonder Britney Spears wanted to wear the Ugg Bailey Button Casual Boot around town!

Ugg Bailey Button Casual Boot



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