Kristen Cavallari Wears Ugg "Amelie" Wedges

Wedges have made a comeback in a big way.  This year, fashionistas are wearing wedges with a hippie-chic vibe: the current trend is for the wedge part of the shoe to be made from a natural material, like cork, raffia, or wood.  These natural shades and textured give this modern trend a timeless twist.  Wedges pair well with other Summer 2010 trends: ruffled tops, floral prints, and floaty fabrics.

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Lately, celebs everywhere have been spotted sporting this easy-to-wear style.  Check out Kristen Cavallari in her adorable golfing attire: a sweet, ruffled dress with a shot hemline that’s sexy, but a color and feminine style that’s classic, paired with this season’s hottest wedge sandals.  Kristen is wearing the Ugg “Amelie” Wedges, which are oh-so-stylish, but also comfortable, thanks to Ugg’s signature lambskin, which they’ve stashed on the sole of these otherwise sexy and summery sandals.  Kristen’s sporting the off-white version, but I actually think the brown “Amelie”s are more on-trend because of their natural color.



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