Sex and the City: More Fabulous Shoe Style

One of the many reasons why I not only love Sex and the City, the series, but the latest film as well, is the wide variety of fashion styles constantly portrayed.  The fashionista women of  Sex and the City (Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte) are easy to connect and related to because, like me and countless other women, they choose to try out many styles. Because life situations are quite varied, it would only make sense to wear shoes to go along with wherever, and whatever, you may be doing.

Sex and the City Film Snapshot

In the latest Sex and the City film, the phenomenal four find themselves at one point traveling through the desert in the Middle East.  Although in this particular snapshot they are walking barefoot, it is easy to assume they have some appropriate footwear packed, and ready to wear when they arrive at their destination.  I can easily imagine that one of their shoe choices looks like the Lucky Brand Ali Casual Flat Shoe.  This Lucky Brand shoe is a beautiful woven slip on, with a comfortable leather upper, as well as a lightly padded insole for superior comfort that’s still light and airy for hot weather.  The exotic design of the Lucky Brand Ali Casual Flat Shoe would fit perfectly with the ensemble choices and culture the Sex and the City ladies find themselves in. You can also own a pair of these fabulous Lucky Brand shoes too, as they are offered at DNA Footwear! Take a look, you’ll love them!

Lucky Brand Ali Casual Flat Shoe



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