Sex and the City: Neutral Color Shoes Are Essential

The lovely ladies from Sex and the City are all beautiful, yet unique. This statement encompasses their fashion choices as well.  However, though different from each other, Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte all possess a natural sense of style that always looks trendy and sexy.

This innate sense of style, though different from one another, can be demonstrated in the following snapshot from the latest Sex and the City film.  What I find particularly interesting is that although they are all wearing completely different ensembles (black mini dress, pink tailored pencil skirt, etc.), their choice of shoes is remarkably similar.  All of them have paired neutral color shoes,  such as beige, nude, and white, with their outfits. For all of them too, this shoe choice works extremely well.  The Sex and  the City ladies look polished, elegant, and above all, fashionable!

Sex and the City: Neutral Shoes Pair with Everything

Neutral color shoes are essentials for any stylish woman’s closet. As you can see from the Sex and the City snapshot, these shoes work with just about any outfit you can think of. Below are some excellent neutral shoe options from DNA Footwear, including the Paris Hilton Taurus Casual High Heel Slingback Shoe, the Luichiny Many Moons High Heel Shoe, the Paris Hilton Destiny High Heel Shoe, the Carlos Santana Prestige High Heel Shoe, the Michael Kors Juniper Platform Casual High Heel Sandal,  and the Bebe Steffi High Wedge Sandal. Take a look at some of them below (or just click on their links above!), and be as glamorous as the ladies from Sex and the City!

Carlos Santana Prestige High Heel Shoe

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