Sex and the City: Converse are Timeless

Carrie from Sex and the City Wearing Converse

As my final post devoted to fashion and shoe style of the fabulous Sex and the City ladies in their most recent film, I think it’s only appropriate to discuss a timeless shoe classic: Converse.  In the newest Sex and the City film, Carrie is seen in the snapshot pairing pretty urban attire with classic Converse sneakers.  Even fashion gurus like Carrie from Sex and the City realize that the most sensible shoe to wear while moving large suitcases down the streets of New York City are good quality, sensible ConverseConverse shoes have been around for over a hundred years, and are American all the way.  The Converse company has devoted enormous time, money, and effort into designing unique, comfortable performance shoes for a diverse population.  Like Carrie from Sex and the City, I wouldn’t want to wear any other shoe than Converse either for comfort and reliability. Check out all of the different styles of Converse sneakers at DNA Footwear! Here are a few examples below:

Black and White Converse Sneaker
Castle Rock Gray Chuck Taylor Chain High Converse Sneaker



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