Let's Talk Clogs

Love them or hate them, clogs seem to be here to stay–at least for the summer.  This surprising trend has been brought into the limelight for summer 2010 by designers such as Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel and Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton.  They’ve gotten so prevalent, in fact, that many fashion experts are have started to refer to them as “Summer’s Uggs.”  And it makes sense: clogs are casual, go with everything, and are easy to slip on and go.

Traditionally, clogs were made entirely of wood and were worn primarily as work shoes.  Today’s clogs are only wooden in the sole, so they’re much lighter, the uppers are made of anything from cloth to leather, and the clogs are often embellished.  And of course, unlike olden-day clogs, modern ones are equipped with ever-fashionable sky-high heels.  This summer, clogs are being worn with everything from casual leggings to just-off-the-runway fashions.

As is always the case with new fashions, celebrities have been the first to start making the clog trend wearable.  They’re not mainstream yet, but they’re on their way, so pick up some clogs now and be on top of the biggest shoe trend of the summer.  Below are celebs Rachel Bilson and Jessica Alba rocking their clogs.

Image courtesy hustlehardmagazine.com

I love how Rachel rolled her jeans up to show off her cute brown leather clogs!  A simple style like this is great for pairing with everything casual you’re wearing this summer.

Image courtesy fashionarchives.wordpress.com

I love the studs on Jessica’s clogs, and her retro-style wide leg jeans look great with them.  Of course, her adorable daughter Honor is her best accessory.

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