Nautical is In

Here at DNA Footwear, we’re all about letting you know what’s hot in the shoe world right now.  We want you to look your trendy best at all times, and we use what celebs are wearing as our gauge to figure out what fashions are up-and-coming.  Trends, of course, start on the runway, but it can be tough to use what’s being shown at Fashion Week as your guide for what to buy at the mall.  For one thing, many of these trends are unwearable–anyone see Lady Gaga’s crazy “Armadillo” heels?  Yikes.  For another, the stuff worn at the fashion shows expensive.  And often, while trends might be showstoppers on the runway, often they never become true trends.

One of the best ways to figure out what’s going to make it from walking the runway to walking the mall is to see what celebrities are rocking.  They are the first to pick up trends from fashion designers, and if a few big celebs are seen in a new style, it’s almost guaranteed to become a big trend.  So when we figure out how to stock out closets, we use celeb style as out guide.  Plus, ogling celebs is just plain old fun, right?

Enough fashion philosophy.  Let’s get down to the good stuff: adding to our celebrity trend cheat sheet.  Since a picture speaks a thousand words, I’ll stop here and give you the chance to check these out:

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You guessed it–the new trend is: nautical!  Lily Allen, Katie Price, and Paris Hilton are showing off their sailor sides in these cute nautical styles.  Celebs everywhere are looking like they just stepped off a yacht (well, maybe they actually did) in stripes, rope embellishments, and of course, red, white, and blue color schemes.  If you feel like a sailor outfit or captain’s hat is a little too Halloween-ie for you (we’re looking at you, Paris), try confining the trend to your feet for a cute-but-not-costumey look.  Pick shoes that aren’t overtly nautical to ensure you can wear them next season, too.  Nautical-inspired shoes are so adorable this season, and they go perfectly with everything from skinny jeans to sundresses.  Sunglasses a must!  Check out these adorable styles from DNA Footwear.  Click the pic to learn more.

Cortney High Wedge Sandal in Bronze
Pienza Flat in Coral



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