Shoe of the Week: Jelly Sandals on the First Lady and Anne Hathaway

Summer is here, and with that our winter wardrobe can be given a much deserved break and packed away. Time to take a break from heavy boots and make room for deliciously beautiful summer sandals. However, this summer preparation poses one potential problem: what happens when it rains, and we realize that we’re going to have to dig through the winter gear packed away to find rain boots? Fortunately, there’s no need to panic because the latest summer trend has you covered for waterproof-required scenarios: Jelly flats and Jelly sandals!

First Lady Michelle Obama wearing Jellies

Recently spotted on the feet of First Lady Michelle Obama, Jelly flats have not only reached Hollywood, but the White House as well! Jelly Flats are a hit trend this summer, and the best part is that they are super practical and beautiful! The Steven Jellies are a super-fun, colorful example of how fashionable this summer trend can be. With stunning stone details in the front and a vibrant yellow color, these Steven Jellies don’t even seem like they are made out of rubber. These Jelly flats are a great item to spice up your beach attire or to look great in those heavy summer rain showers. Jelly flats have even been featured in collections of the top designers in the world, like Fendi, Jimmy Chu, Ferragamo, Givency, and Chanel.

Anne Hathaway wearing Jellies

Here is superstar Anne Hathaway sporting her Jelly sandals with a pair of casual jeans. The Steven Jellies are a great Jelly shoe because they can be worn like Anne wears them, paired with a laid-back outfit or even with a fancier outfit with their dazzling details! Who would have thought that the hottest style this season, Jellies, would also be a lifesaver? Isn’t it great when fashion trends are practical?

Steven Jelly Flat Sandal



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