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Miss Universe Struts to Victory in Nina Shoes

Last week, Jimena Navarrete of Guadalajara, Mexico was crowned Miss Universe 2010.  The 22-year old stunner flashed her signature killer smile as she accepted the crown from Stefania Fernandez, Miss Universe 2009.  The Mexican beauty wowed the judges during the swimsuit and evening wear competitions, in no small part because of her gorgeous Nina shoes….

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Hot New Trend Alert: Square Toe Pumps

The late fashion designer Alexander McQueen was known for always throwing in something unexpected.  So we should hardly be surprised that he sent models down the runway with something new and different on their feet.  McQueen played off of the closed-toe, platform stiletto high heel that has been so popular lately, but squared off the…

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This Summer's Most Surprising Celebrity Trend: Granny Sandals

Summer tends to be the time when surprising and unexpected trends reveal themselves.  Think back to Crocs and Birkenstocks–both summer blockbusters that you probably won’t call cute and sexy.  You can’t deny it–there’s something about summer that encourages even the most devoted fashionista to trade in pinching straps and toe-mashing stilettos for something that will…

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Shoe of the Week: Mariana Sam Low-Heel Sandal on Taylor Swift

One of Taylor Swift’s favorite shoes is the Sam sandal by Mariana. This sandal is pure vintage heaven, with the retro t-strap, low (yet pronounced) heel, and covered toe. Taylor pairs it with a flowery dress or ruffled skirt, enhancing these sandal’s natural feminine quality.

Top Trend for Fall/Winter 2010: Over the Knee Boots

We saw this trend start last winter, but this season, it’s really taking off: OTK (Over the knee) boots are dangerously sexy for the cool season this year.  There’s no denying it: this trend is a traffic-stopper.  Over the knee boots just scream strength, power, and sexiness.  Maybe that’s why so many celebrities are wearing…

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Shoe of the Week: Koolaburra Sandals

Koolaburra’s genius: to make shoes suitable for summer, like thong sandals, with the same sheepskin material that make boots comfortable to wear!

Mischa Barton Wears Sam Edelman Fringe Boots

It may be hot outside, but make no mistake: in shoe stores everywhere, it’s the beginning of boot season.  Now is the time to decide which drool-worthy boot styles you want to go for in the upcoming fall.  Two trends that we’ve seen over and over again so far this year are embellishments (bows, buckles,…

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Shoe of the Week: UGG Boots

You know a trend has really made it into fashion Hall of Fame when every single celebrity from ages 3 to 60 is wearing it. Ugg boots definitely qualify in this category!

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