Shoe of the Week: Mariana Sam Low-Heel Sandal on Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is indisputably America’s Sweetheart as the “It” girl who is taking over Hollywood. Taylor is famous for her fabulous country-pop songs, a-list boyfriends, “good girl” image, and most importantly her unique sense of style. Taylor can be spotted in anything from flirty flower dresses, to cowboy boots, and vintage apparel always flawlessly put together. Somehow, Taylor manages to look fresh, unique, trendy and age appropriate all at once.  In a time when fashion is all about edge – wild platforms, hardware details, harsh leathers – Taylor is the celebrity to take lessons from in how to look cute and chic in a soft, feminine way.

One of Taylor’s favorite shoes is the Sam sandal by Mariana. This sandal is pure vintage heaven, with the retro t-strap, low (yet pronounced) heel, and covered toe. Taylor pairs it with a flowery dress or ruffled skirt, enhancing these sandal’s natural feminine quality. Taylor’s feminine sense of style makes her stand out from her Hollywood colleagues and incorporates old school beauty with trendy style. The retro vibe of the Mariana Sam sandal adds a level of edginess to the simplest outfit for feminine-chic girls like Taylor.

Mariana Sam sandal



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