Shoe of the Week: L.A.M.B. 'Volera' Knee-High Boot

Madame Tussauds latest addition: a perfectly accurate Gwen Stefani reproduction. The queen of alternative pop has finally been honored with her very own wax figure. To dress the statue, Madame Tussauds experts went to Miss Stefani herself who picked out an outfit emblematic of her innovative sense of fashion, and rock attitude. The shoes she chose for this special occasion: her very own designed L.A.M.B. Volera!
Gwen Stefani and her wax double, who is wearing L.A.M.B. Volera boots.
Gwen Stefani (right) with her wax double, who is wearing the black version of the L.A.M.B. Volera boots

There are a million reasons why this boot is just the perfect selection for Gwen Stefani’s new replica. Aside from the fact that it is fitting with the rock diva’s sense of style and fashion, the Volera boot is an item every girl should have in her closet! With themes ranging from military, to hardware, and comfort – this boot has the best of the runway all in one, plus a personal touch of fun from Gwen. The Volera boot is a flat leather boot with a combination of laces and a silver zipper. The over-the-top laces serve a purpose beyond practicality, in the way they are position they had an intricate flavor to the boot. The fact that the boot is flat doesn’t hurt, keeping whoever wears these boots comfortable throughout the day. So if looking for an in style pair of high fashion flat boots this season, you’re in luck – follow Gwen Stefani’s footsteps and get the Volera boot, on sale right now at DNA Footwear!

L.A.M.B. Volera white
Epic street-stomping power! L.A.M.B. Volera Knee-High Boots come in white or black.

DNA Footwear has both the white L.A.M.B. Volera boots and the black L.A.M.B. Volera boots ON SALE, so get them while you still can!



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