Shoe of the Week: Red Wing Boots

Drake’s latest project: The Red Wing Boot Gang.
Drake's Red Wing Boot Gang
It is not surprising that Red Wing boots have taken such a spotlight in pop culture today, to the point that Drake’s musical entourage is borrowing the trademark for their crew name. Red Wing boots have always been one of America’s staple footwear brands. What makes Red Wing so special is its history; Red Wing is famous for the boots they produced for soldiers in both World Wars. And yet, these boots have become a favorite of celebrities, especially in the hip hop community.

drake wearing red wing boots
Drake himself is one of Red Wing’s biggest fans, as is Chris Brown…
chris brown wearing red wing…who sports them at even red-carpet events. Because they are actual military boots, Red Wings are extremely comfortable and feature lace up closures, leather uppers and very durable soles. Whether you use them as work boots or as red-carpet attire, Red Wing boots are a fall favorite that guys won’t want to miss out on!

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