Love the Shoes in Seventeen Mag?

Seventeen magazine is featuring two of our favorite pairs of shoes in the January ’11 issue: the Restricted Paratrooper boot and <a href=""Report Signature's Remson 2 pumps.

We talked about the Paratrooper on the blog a couple weeks ago–it’s a great fall style that can work with all sorts of outfits and will even help keep your legs warm. Seventeen suggests pairing them with a cute LBD for a cute-yet-casual boho look (you might want to add a jacket in this weather!).

Restricted Paratrooper Seventeen Dec Jan 2011

The Report Signature Remson 2 is definitely not a casual-wear shoe. With a sky-high heel and fire-engine red lacing from the bottom of the heel to the ankle, this is an outfit-making shoe. A “look at me!” shoe. A shoe that stops just short of truly over-the-top. Seventeen’s style team added tights and a metallic skirt for a truly awesome party outfit–I can see this as a great New Year’s Eve look!

Report Signature Remson 2 in Seventeen



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