Shoe of the Week: Zigi NY 'Date' Boot

Teen Vogue's Boot List
Teen Vogue's colorful collection of warm and stylish boots for winter.

With the temperature still dropping to new lows, it is crucial to stock up in boots that can keep you warm while looking stylish. Every winter outfit must be paired up with the perfect pair of boots that will both complement your style and make you cold-weather proof. This month’s Teen Vogue put together a list of a few great winter boot essentials. One boot in Teen Vogue’s list specially caught our eyes: the Zigi NY Date lace-up bootie.

Zigi ny Date boot
Shown folded over, the Zigi NY Date boot can also be worn laced all the way up for more of a traditional combat boot look. Click for more views

With its unusual combination of dazzling detail and utilitarian style, the Date boot is sure to land at the top of your must have list. The Zigi NY Date bootie features a studded leather upper, and a surprising bedazzled fold-over cuff. The cuff is completely covered in rockin’ metal studs, and it extends to the bottom of the shaft when flipped down. Flipped up, the boot has a more traditional combat boot look, lacing to the lower calf, but with the added visual interest of the back side of the studs. The small heel and platform is perfect for comfort, and the supple leather is perfect to keep you warm. The Zigi NY Date boot has everything in one, stylish studs that add an edgy feel and chic utilitarian combat boot style combined! For this cold winter’s go-to boot, chose one that will keep you warm and comfortable, without compromising your love of fashion!



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