Shoe of the Week: Bromley Boot by Michael Kors

Julianne Hough in Michael Kors Bromley boot
Julianne Hough has good taste in men–she’s currently in a high profile relationship with TV’s cutest presenter, Ryan Seacrest. Ryan and Julianne stroll the streets of Paris hand in hand looking adorably in love. But Julianne’s good taste extends beyond men; she has fabulous style worthy of the compliment of imitation. From the simple jeans and tee outfits, to her girly short dresses, she is one petite chick who knows how to rock her outfits. In this picture, Julianne is wearing a purple top hat, red ruffled coat, and a very cute pair of Bromley boots from Michael Kors that could be called over-the-knee but are really more at “knee-high plus”. Of course Julianne’s sense of style is admirable, but anyone could pull off this simple yet super chic outfit. The Bromley boots from Michael Kors are an instant outfit booster. Whether layered with high socks, worn with jeans, or with stockings and a short dress they add a level of sophistication to the simplest outfits. These Michael Kors beauties are also extremely comfortable, with an equestrian-style low heel. Not to mention, the Bromley boot is superbly warm for the winter with its leather upper and lining. Add some thigh-high socks like Julianne and you’ll have warm legs even in a mini skirt!
Take some style tips from Hollywood hottie Julianne Hough and treat yourself to a pair of Michael Kors Bromley boots!



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