Friday Hot Deal: Cagliari Flat Boot by Apepazza

We’ve been all about the hot new arrivals for spring this week, and we’re definitely eager for sandal weather, but now it’s time to take a moment and highlight another fabulous pair of shoes that you can definitely wear right now.

The DNA Footwear sale page is always full of cool shoes at great discounts and this week is no exception. This hot pick is buried in newer sales, but definitely worth another look.

Apepazza Cagliari flat boot
The Cagliari flat boot by Apepazza

The Cagliari flat boot by Apepazza is a snazzy take on the knee-high equestrian-style boot made by Italian shoemaker Apapazza. I don’t know what “crazy bee” has to do with shoes, but these guys make great boots and shoes–high quality materials, stylish designs and always an interesting twist somewhere. In this case, the unexpected color and large buckle take this basic flat boot to a whole new level.

The Cagliari was almost $300, but you can now snag a pair for just $189. Wear them with jeans or one of the new flow-y skirts for spring–they’ll get you through until flip-flop weather!



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