Shoe of the Week: Histeric Oxford by Miz Mooz

Taylor Swift, Kelly Osborne, and Liv Tyler in two tone oxfords

What do Taylor Swift, Kelly Osborne, and Liv Tyler all have in common? For one, all three of them are fabulous style icons, and they all love rockin’ two-tone oxfords.

miz mooz histeric

One of Hollywood’s spring trends is the two-tone oxford. As all three stars demonstrate, the best part of this look is that it is extremely versatile. Oxfords can be sported with a cute floral skirt and blazer for a day of fun, a pair of leggings for a quick errand or high waisted pants for a more demure look. All three of these stars look effortlessly cool when wearing their two-tone oxfords. So if you’re looking for an affordable way to show off this easy-to-do celebrity look the Miz Mooz Histeric is right for you! At less than $90 the Histeric the perfect shoe to rock this trend. And with leather upper and lining, this super cute oxford is sure to keep you comfortable while looking as stylish as a celebrity!

In case you were wondering: Saddle shoes are a type of two-tone oxford which have a plain toe and always have a darker color around the lacing (the “saddle”). Spectator shoes are another type of two-tone oxford, generally having a toe and heel cap in a contrast color and sometimes the lacing area as well.



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