Awesome Sale of the Day! Frye Ava Button Ankle Boot

Every once in a while we like to dig up something fabulous from the huge sale section at DNA Footwear and share it with you, our beloved blog readers! Today we’re showing off a unique boot that is currently selling for a fraction of its original price: the Ava Button ankle boot by Frye. Check it out:
ava button boot by frye
Now, how often do you find a green ankle boot, anyways? It’s not a common combination! So the Ava Button gets points just for coming in a cool color…and they’ll look great with jeans, too. They also have a great shape that will never go out of style, and a manageable 3.5 inch heel that will give you a boost without giving you foot pain. The foldover style is funky and has a great retro feel that’s somehow still very modern. It might have something to do with the fact that Frye is the oldest shoe company in the US. If you look at the full Frye collection, you’ll find that many of their styles have that old-but-modern vibe, perfect for wandering time travelers and anyone who thinks that man-made materials are over-rated.
So there you have it: the Ava Button boot by Frye is funky, fashionable, an unusual but appealing color, and currently on sale for less than half its original price. Grab yours while they’re still available!



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