Do YOU want to see -Your Writing- here?

DNA Footwear is looking for guest bloggers to post cool shoes, hot styles and fabulous celebrities on the DNA blog!

Why should you become a guest blogger?

  • See your name in lights (ok, actually just in print) on our blog!
  • Share your opinions! What do YOU think is hot in footwear right now? Which celebrity is your shoe style icon?
  • Promote your blog on our blog! (you can link to your own blog from your post, we’re cool with that)
  • We’ll post your entry on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, too!
  • Maybe some free stuff even! We sometimes send free shoes to bloggers for review–you know you want to be on our blogger list!
  • Oh, and just a little thing called 15% off everything but Uggs from Yeah. Fabulous discounts.

Why are we doing this?

  • We want more people to read our blog! You ARE going to make your friends read your post, right?
  • We like connecting with other shoe bloggers and shoe lovers! You guys are our biggest fans!
  • We want to hear your opinions! You’re our fans, and we want our blog to share your voice.

The Rules:

  • We get the final cut. We reserve the right to edit for clarity, length, spelling, and so forth.
  • Your post should feature products or content from the DNAFootwear main site or blog in some way.
  • You can’t repost your post anywhere else, including your own blog. We do, however, encourage you to link to your guest post, tell your friends about it on facebook, and shout it out your window.

Want in? Send an email to with the subject GUEST BLOGGER. Include your name, date of birth (you must be 13 or older!), a couple sentence description of what you’d write about, and a link to your blog if you have one (you don’t have to have a blog to participate). If your idea catches our fancy, we’ll contact you and ask you to write a complete post. Then you’re only days away from seeing YOUR name and YOUR writing right here.



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