Celebrities Usher in Spring With Bold Red Shoes!

With the onset of Spring, it’s not just our moods that are brightening up. It’s our shoes! Red in particular seems to be the color celebrities have chosen to express that dark Winter days are behind us. Indeed, if the catwalks of Paris and our favorite stars have anything to say about it, red shoes are shaping up to be this season’s hottest fashion trend. Here are our favorite ways to flaunt this bold footwear choice:

Take a page out of Anne Hathaway’s book and keep the rest of your outfit classy, dark and simple. Let your shoes make that loud statement for you, while remaining a woman of mystery and subtlety. To get this look yourself, try pairing a simple black dress with the Change of Venue mid-heel sandal.

Brimming with Spring sunshine and want the whole world to know? Taylor Swift can show you how it’s done. The charming singer recently made waves in a gorgeous lemon-colored dress, complemented perfectly by the bright cherry kisses of a simple pair of red heels. To achieve this look on your own, choose bold, contrasting colors, like a sunny yellow shirt, jeans, and some Emerald low-heel sandals in flame red and wear them with confidence. If yellow is too much for you, try a vivid blue. Just don’t choose too many colors and keep your accessories simple. There will be no doubt that Spring has arrived as soon as you walk into a room!



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