Get Katy Perry’s Look: Zigi NY Stunning

Katie Perry in Zigi NY Stunning High Heel Pumps
Katy Perry’s voice and great record sales are not the only things she’s famous for. She is also one of Hollywood’s most discussed fashionistas. With her out of the box style, Katy’s fashion makes headlines in the tabloids daily. Katy’s favorite shoe? Her most versatile pair, so she can match it with all of her eclectic outfits. So if you’re in the market shoes that you could truly pair with anything, the Zigi NY Stunning is a great alternative to Katy’s nude pumps! At a sky high height of five inches and a quarter, the Stunning is the perfect shoe to compliment just about any outfit. They look great with a classic pair of jeans, a summer dress or an evening gown, all of which can be any color or pattern you like, because the nude color of the Stunning matches anything! So get Hollywood’s number one fashion statement maker’s look with the Zigi NY Stunning pump, which is sure to keep you looking stunning!
Zigi NY Stunning High Heel Pumps



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