Catch a Prince with Classy Wedge Heels!

Last month, audiences worldwide were captivated by a storybook royal wedding.  Kate Middleton, a common Brit of humble backgrounds, married her beloved Prince William, making her the new Duchess of Cambridge.

The day after the couple bonded in matrimony, Kate took a stroll with her new hubby in this elegant outfit:

Kate Middleton wedge shoes

Kate’s slender blue dress and snappy black blazer gives her an air of aristocracy but her simple black wedges eliminate any sense of snobbery.  The duchess’s wardrobe gives us a very clear message to women everywhere; if you want to catch a prince, live in a castle AND look the part– keep it simple, silly! The easiest way to achieve this look on your own is to find a pair of classy black wedges like the Chelsea Crew Jane High Wedge Bootie.

Blow away your own prince charming with this put-together look. Your clothes don’t have to be flashy to show off your best stuff.  Let your beauty shine by matching a soft color with these classy yet simple shoes.  Focus on neutral colors; black, brown, tan and navy.  (Let’s face it ladies, they match with everything!)  And that wedge heel will bring out the best of your legs.

Good luck on finding your prince!  With the Chelsea Crew High Wedge Booties, you won’t need it!



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