Shoes for Summer Concerts: Fashion Meets Protection

The best part of summer music is that concerts often migrate from within the confines of tiny venues to the vast, sunny open air of outdoor shows and music festivals. From East Coast to West Coast, from a Central Park concert series to Seattle’s Bumbershoot Festival and everything in between, music enthusiasts everywhere are moving their parties outside. Soak in the sun and absorb your favorite music at the same time without worrying about fashion by checking out our top picks for summer concert footwear.

The key to finding the most concert-friendly footwear is to seek out a combination of edge and comfort. You’ll also need to keep your feet cool while offering your toes protection from a careless or overly-enthusiastic crowd. If it seems impossible to dream up a shoe that embodies all of these qualities at once, look to our Seychelle’s Comp Flat Shoe for inspiration. Equal parts charming and protective, the comp flat shoe projects a delicate vibe while boasting a tough leather exterior, ready to save your toes from wayward dancing feet.

Seychelles Comp Flat Shoe

For an even breezier choice that still keeps your feet firm and secure, try the Women’s Lilou Flat Sandal. This versatile leather sandal comes in a variety of colors and can be paired with anything from shorts to a sundress. The charm-bracelet embellishment adds some spark to a simple, versatile style.

Women's Lilous Flat Sandal

So go take advantage of one of the best parts of summer and find tickets to your favorite festival, outdoor symphony, or casual folk band. No matter where you go, with these shoes you’ll be sure to stand out in the crowd!



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