Inspiration From The Ground Up

This post comes courtesy of DNA Footwear fan and shoe blogger extraordinaire Catherine! You can see Catherine (AKA Cat in Heels)’s personal shoe blog here. Want to see your writing here? Check out this post.

Getting stuck in a fashion rut is something that can be easy to do. While finding the essentials and developing a personal style is great, having predictable outfits and recycling the same look is not.

One way to break out of the rut is to use shoes as an inspiration. Buying a shoe you love that’s totally outside your regular comfort zone, or without first putting together outfits in your head, can jump-start any wardrobe.

The right shoe can also serve as a conversation piece for a simple outfit, and breathe new life into old clothes or outfits.

If you have simple taste and generally wear simple shoes, then keep it basic but push your style boundaries with an extra detail or two. Tassels or fringe on an updated loafer will go far, or you can push the envelope even further with something like the Ripple High Heel from Jeffrey Campbell.

Jeffrey Campbell Ripple

Leopard is also always an inspiration for me. There are so many variations in prints, shoe style, textures, and even color (blue leopard?). Leopard shoes can be worn again and again, and never look the same with any two outfits.

For the in-between inspiration, non-traditional shapes and heels always do it for me. And color is an absolute must. Poetic License shoes are great at adding color and creating new lines on classic styles.

Poetic Licence Backlash Mid-Heel Shoe

A good pair of fun, unique shoes can inspire me. Not necessarily to change the world, but at least to change the way I walk through the world! Give it a try yourself, and share your outfit creations with DNA Footwear on Facebook!



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