Get Jamie Lynn Sigler’s Look: Dolce Vita Toni

jamie lynn sigler wears dolce vita


We know and love Jamie Lynn Sigler as Tony Soprano’s conscientious daughter in the Sopranos, and as Turtle’s sexy and surprising girlfriend on Entourage. But lately, Hollywood has come to love Jamie Lynn Sigler for her fashion sense as well! Always looking trendy while remaining classy and put-together, this American sweetheart has become a fashionista in her own right. We especially love the look she sported at a red carpet event this week. Donning shades of cream from head to toe, Sigler looked both polished and youthful. And the standout in this look? Those luscious suede wedge sandals.A smart way to re-invent a heavy winter material like suede is to turn it into a wedge sandal, like the Dolce Vita Toni sandal. Similar to Sigler’s wedge, the Dolce Vita Toni features an authentic suede upper, cut out in medium thickness straps. With a four-inch wedge and a one-inch platform, the Toni sandal is both comfortable and flattering, making this sandal both practical and versatile. You can pair it, as Sigler does, with a cute top and skirt ensemble, or use the shoes as an accessory to enhance a simple jeans and blouse getup. Either way, the Dolce Vita Toni is a inventive way to incorporate suede into your summer wardrobe while leaving everybody speechless with your fashion sense!
Dolce Vita Toni High Wedge Sandals



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