Balancing Act: Shoes and Skinny Jeans (by Guest Blogger Cat in Heels)

This post comes courtesy of shoe-lover and DNA fan Cat In Heels.

The skinny jean slunk back into fashion a couple of seasons ago, and has proven it has the staying power that many previous incarnations of the pant didn’t. Tighter and sleeker than the tapered leg of the 1980s and more casual than the cigarette pants of the 1960s, the skinny jean may not be as comfy as the old boyfriend jean, but it does provide a myriad of fashion-forward possibilities.
Unlike classic jeans, the skinny jean doesn’t necessarily go with everything, and it is not nearly as casual for the average wearer. Because this pant tends to be a bit unforgiving of body shapes, the right or wrong shoe can make or break the whole look.
A tall boot is almost a sure thing with skinny jeans. Skinny jeans tuck in well, and don’t bunch at the top of the boot the way a regular jean is prone to do. The height of the boot can range from ankle to knee, but be wary of color-blocking. Pairing a black boot with a gray or blue jean can cut you off at the wrong place, and make you look shorter than you really are. Similarly, pairing a heeled boot with skinny jeans can make your legs look miles long. For a great bet, try the cool and classy Biviel Mid-Heel Knee-High Boot.


Biviel Mid Heel Boot
The Biviel Mid Heel Boot

The weight of the shoe has to also be taken into account. Generally, skinny jeans are best with sleek shoes. Think of tapered and rounded toes and stiletto heels. Go for prints and peep toes, but beware of too many embellishments.
Also beware of heel width. Fall’s platforms and chunky heels are amazing, but adding something too wide can create a funny looking imbalance and can make you look like you have bricks on your feet. Instead, stick to something sleek but interesting, like the Sloan High Heel Shoe by Bebe.

Sloan High Heels Shoes by Bebe
The Sloan High Heels Shoes by Bebe

The exception to this rule is girls with a curvier figure. If you have a little hip and shapely legs, then pairing a chunkier shoe, like Jeffrey Campbell’s Lita, can create a great look that balances the top and bottom.

Jeffrey Campbell Lita High Heeled Bootie
The Jeffrey Campbell Lita High Heeled Bootie

For women who don’t need the height of platforms, ballet flats or flats with a tapered toe are the perfect end to long legs. Have fun with it and put a pop of color, texture or some kind of embellishment at your toes, like the Wrapture Flat by Rebels. But petite girls beware: a flat with skinny jeans can simply make you look shorter, especially if paired with a longer top.

Rebels Wrapture Flat Shoe in Grey
The Rebels Wrapture Flat Shoe in Grey

Sure, they’re more work than regular jeans, and they don’t pair well with sneakers, but the skinny jean is a versatile trend that can showcase your best features and your taste in footwear. You just have to make sure to maintain the balance between top and bottom to create a classic look.



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