How To: Shoe Organization 101

Shoe organization is often a feat (no pun intended) for even the most OCD fashionista. With every new closet addition comes a challenge: fitting MORE shoes into your already overstuffed wardrobe, leaving you to wonder if you should’ve purchased those new platforms in the first place. Before you dip into a spell of buyer’s remorse, consider the following shoe organization tips:

{1} Out with the old and in with the new — If you haven’t worn those sparkly bow-encrusted overly-detailed flats since the 90’s then off to Goodwill or Soles4Souls they go!

{2} Keep shoe bags, boxes, and horns, all of which keep your footwear looking like the day you bought them. While shoe boxes may take up space, labeling the outside of the box with a photo or using clear boxes will not only keep your closet organized but also keep your shoes dust free.

{3} Organize by color, style, and/or season.

{4} During your clutter cleanse you may come across a pair or two that you’ve been dying to re-wear but have scratches, scrapes, rips, and breaks; (gently)¬†throw them into a bag clearly labeled ‘Repair’ and find yourself a local shoe repair.

{5} Not only does your closet need a scrub down, but your shoes do as well. Check out Good Housekeeping‘s Shoe Cleaning Guide.

{6} Think outside the (shoe) box and treat your shoes like artwork. Hang them, present them in a glass armoire, or shelf them under acrylic display boxes.

{7} Shop for all your closet organization needs: Target, Container Store, Amazon, Shoe Organization, and Home Depot.

Photography Sources: Hip Girlie and Bing

By: Ashley Tschudin



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