The Perfect Pair: Minnetonka

The perfect pair of minnetonka boots
Add some boho to your life with the perfect pair of fringed Minnetonka boots. From Minnetonka’s boots to their classic moccasins, the Minnetonkas we wear today are essentially the same as the first American shoe (with slightly more style). Even after all these years, the brand remains true to their original designs and are worn all over the world by people with differening styles and tastes.

Pair your Minnetonkas with knit shorts or tribal print leggings, a white tank or tee, a printed or fringed bag, and an assortment of feathered accessories. While they are not the most transitional boots for night attire, they are perfect for a day in the city, the country, or for camping in the woods (which I don’t know why you’d do unless you were attending a musical festival).

Since their inception in 1964, Minnetonka Moccasin has shaped the moccasins place in history — proving the cyclical nature of fashion.


Shorts, Tank, Bag, Necklace


Leggings, Tee, Bag, Bracelets, Earring

{The Perfect Pair}

Minnetonka Boots

By: Ashley Tschudin



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