Eco-Friendly Friday: Camper


Camper is a family run business established by visionaries and pioneers in pursuit of a shared idea. Forming a foundation for success based on passion and dedication, the brand blends ethics and aesthetics. With the brand’s mediterranean identity comes deep-rooted cultural values dating back to 1975.

In 1877, Antonio Fluxà, a skilled cobbler, set sail for England to investigate new industrial manufacturing methods only to return and gather craftsmen from Inca (Mallorca), introduing them to machine manufacturing techniques. Inspired by culture, history, and technique Lorenzo Fluxà, Antonio’s grandson, created Camper in 1975.

In 1981, the first Camper store debuted in Barcelona and now, four generations later Camper thrives on design –an efficient tool for advancing in a competitive global market.

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By: Ashley Tschudin



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