Halloween Special: Peter Pan Style

haloween costume

All you need is trust, a little bit of pixie dust… AND the El Naturalista¬†Dome N765 Mid Heel Mid Calf Boot.

Welcome back to our Halloween Special; this time we are taking a stab at Peter Pan Style with olive green mid calf heeled boots. These fantasy-inspired boots walk an extremely thin line between ready-to-wear and costume (And…if you’re in Williamsburg there is no differentiating the two).

There is no doubt that these boots will stand out when matched with trouser shorts, a peasant top, a gold “collar”, and feather embellished fedora. It is important that when you search for the perfect outfit to match these boots, you stay away from “costume” attire, keeping your clothing choices as chic as possible to balance out the boots. Translation: Stay away from the tights and tunic.

Off to Neverland!

{Hat, Shorts, Top, Collar}

By: Ashley Tschudin



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