Men’s Style: It’s That Simple

simple footwear

Simple recycled footwear is an exciting alternative. Normally green and ethical are never mentioned in the same breath as fashionable and stylish but with Simple footwear you can. Take a look at the Hi Sneaker in grey or the Tuba sneaker and the Carnival, Simple has managed to combine green living principles with stylish urban footwear. The 3 things I’ve learned about Simple is:

1. Simple is always seeking new ways to make shoes that are both attractive and practical, yet conform to the requirement for low-impact living. Since their inception in 1991 Simple has made a large impact with their sustainable footwear.

2. Simple reduced their packaging to the bare minimum; no hang tags, 100% post-consumer recycled foot forms and even biodegradable bags for their flip-flops.

3. Simple only uses recycled and sustainable materials: recycled carpet padding, bamboo, silk, plastic, hemp cotton, car tires, certified leather and suede, coconut, wool, recycled tubes, crepe (natural rubber), post-consumer recycled paper and cork.

It’s as Simple as 1, 2, 3.

By: Styleopedia



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