Brand of the Day: Dr. Scholl’s 30% Off

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Day 3 of our ‘Brand of the Day’ 30% off sales and today we are bringing you TWO brands, beginning this morning with Dr. Scholl’s.

Dr. Scholl’s footwear don’t just  look comfortable, they were designed by a podiatrist to fit comfortably and alleviate foot pains. Dr William Mathias Scholl was born in 1882 had an early career in shoe retail business, gaining experience that launched an empire. Following retail work, Dr. Scholl attended Illinois Medical College becoming an expert in podiatry. It was then that he was realized his dream of creating comfortable healthy shoes. The combination of experience in the shoe business AND the medical field gave him the tools to create expertly designed footwear.

Dr School’s signature shoe is the Exercise Sandal, which revolutionized the shoe industry. Introduced in the United States in 1968, by 1972 the shoe had sold MILLIONS of pairs. With its wooden sole, it was this shoe that gave birth to the wooden sole and clog trend in the 1970s. Today, Dr Scholl’s shoes are the leading comfort footwear in the world and with their new line, Dr Scholl’s has managed to combine their acute ability for comfort with stunning style. From sandals, to flats, wedges, and booties, all of Dr. Scholl’s shoes will guarantee you a pain free, heavenly comfortable day for your feet.

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By: Ashley Tschudin



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