Men’s Style: Boots with Attitude


Just arriving at platform 9¾  from the Brooklyn Station is the Men’s Offbeat Ankle Boot – Black Rustic by: Bed:Stu. Meticulously hand-crafted and fresh from their creative little hands in their design studio and warehouse in Bedford Stuyvesant. Like the Rocky Horror Picture Show, Bed:Stu boasts it’s own cult following with its fans. Their boots are a little like their prospective owners, distressed, worn, soft, comfortable and one of a kind.

Because of Bed:Stu‘s organic tanning process, all of their shoes have different characteristics which give each piece it’s own individuality and identity, making it authentic just like you. You get the feeling looking at the Men’s Offbeat Ankle Boot, with it’s classic styling and it’s unapologetic attitude, that you don’t choose the boot; they choose you (A bit like the scene where Harry Potter goes to the wand shop to get a new wand).

These Men’s Offbeat Ankle Boots are built to last a lifetime, with proper care, and can be handed down to their rightful heirs. What the hell, if you love them that much, take them with you!

By: Styleopedia



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