Holiday Gift Guide (Part Six): Footwear for Kids

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If you want your little girl to grow up and be a ballerina, she needs a pair of sparkly flats. If you want your little boy to grow up and be a sailor, he needs the perfect boat shoes. If you want your little girl to be Nicole Richie she needs boho chic moccasin boots. Whatever you want your child to grow up to be (even if it’s a celebrity with an eye for style…no judgement), they have to dress the part. It may seem slightly absurd to the average parent — you know the ones who still wear mom jeans — but if you take care in your child’s appearance he or she will too in the future.

Take this holiday season as the time to help your child find comfort, durability, and style. How well a shoe fits and how long it lasts is of key importance when it comes to children’s shoes so spend the extra time to research brands like UGG, Timberland, Ralph Lauren. While you may know how well these brands fit adults, ask yourself if they know what works best for children as well.



By: Ashley Tschudin



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