Designer Spotlight: Lika Mimika

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Curl up with a cozy blanket, candles, a cup of tea, reading your favorite book while your feet keep toasty in Lika Mimika’s.  Somewhere between espadrilles and UGGs comes Lika Mimika slippers — luxury footwear like you’ve never felt before.

Lika Mimika is a Frankfurt-based footwear brand known for their leather espadrilles made of extremely soft lamb, goat and calfskin leather. Manufactured and hand stitched in Alicante, Spain, the brand stands for liberty, ease, and primarily simplicity. According to Elle Magazine, “the mix-and-matching of different styles reflects the global view of Lika Mimika’s design duo; Condic, who splits her time between Frankfurt and Berlin, named the label after Lika, a region in Croatia, while Lisa, who has lived in Germany, London, and Paris, in addition to Spain, picked the word Mimika for the tribe of the same name in Papau New Guinea.”

We wouldn’t be surprised if you couldn’t take them off and wore them until next season leaving the fur-lined pairs behind for their traditional espadrille collection!

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By: Ashley Tschudin



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