Footwear Collaboration Alert: Vans + Hermes

hermes vans

When we saw the headline that Vans and Hermes were collaborating it was like Christmas morning all over again! Vans and Hermes are teaming up to create the ultimate high/ low collection… (oh wait…continue reading)

The Vans featured above were actually made by Vans for TV personality and design aficionado Robert Verdi, repurposed out of his personal Hermes scarf collection. Meaning either you can go scissor happy on your personal collection (which we don’t advise and might make us cry) or you can oogle at these babies from afar *le sigh* — PSFK has a gallery of Verdi’s entire collection HERE.

Sorry to get your hopes up but maybe, just maybe, these will inspire the two iconic brands to team up (a girl can dream can’t she?!)

By: Ashley Tschudin



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