Hot Trends: Color My Sole!

Steve Maddens Colorful Soles

The latest development in the shoe game is being kept on the low, literally. Just getting warmed up by Trendsetters and Go-Getters around the globe are the colorful soles that are being vivaciously supported by brands such as Steve Madden and Mark McNairy. Adding a subtly vibrant color base to neutral bodied basics, dress shoe designers are adding some soul to their soles, spicing up the oh-so boring business attire.

With electric blues and teals, pastel mints, peaches and yellows married against neutrals, these flats have me putting away my heels and lacing up in gem tones and sandstones. Embracing androgyny, the base movement has found a foothold  in both men and women’s wear and will be brightening up the office by mixing the prude professional with a colorful foundation.

Catch the glow from bottom to top this Spring in a pair of brightly based ballroom shoes or boots. Click here to check out my favorite tastemaker sporting Mark McNairy boots trimmed with Orange and Yellow soles and I absolutely heart the soles by Steve Madden pictured above.

♥ Amy K.



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