Trend Tuesday: All Denim Everything


◊◊◊ ◊◊◊ ◊◊◊  ◊◊◊ A◊◊◊ L ◊◊◊ L ◊◊◊ D ◊◊◊ E ◊◊◊ N ◊◊◊ I ◊◊◊ M  ◊◊◊ E ◊◊◊ V ◊◊◊ E ◊◊◊ R ◊◊◊ Y ◊◊◊ T ◊◊◊ H ◊◊◊ I ◊◊◊ N ◊◊◊ G ◊◊◊ ◊◊◊ ◊◊◊ ◊◊◊

 Vans, Converse and UGGS have got the blues…Blue Jeans that is and Lana Del Rey even has a song named after the classic and classy casual wear. With everything from hats to backpacks being accented with denim, many shoe brands have hopped on board.

Transitioning from Winter to Spring can be somewhat intimidating. With festival season arrived, SxSW is taking over Austin and Coachella is just along the horizon, proper denims will have you Rockin’ n Rollin’ or just takin’ a walk along the wild side. You can play dress up with funky chunks from the likes of Steve Madden, Jeffrey Campbell, Rachel Zoe, Report Signature (need I say more?)  or doll them down in festive flats from Seychelles, Yosi Samra or Gee WaWa

Take the easy route and hide excess winter weight with high wasted acid wash denim shorts or revamp your closet with  a good ol’ trip to the craft store. Taking the vintage approach and cutting up old jeans or studding the seams will enliven a hibernating ensemble but a statement shoe will stick like glue!

WHATEVER you choose, casual denim wear must be accompanied with the right shoes. As this month’s must-have fabric its about time to revisit your closet and double check that you have sufficient footing for every occasion. Festivals or fiestas, damsels in denim are embracing rough and rugged and ready to ride.

♥ Amy K.

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