Hot Trends: Aztec Accents and Native Nuances

Techno tribal meets natural beauty seems to be the way of the fashion warrior this 2012 spring/summer and as I start to plan my wardrobe for Coachella I am not opposed to this movement. The peaceful hues combined with clashing patterns has me at odds with my paycheck trying to determine which shoes and accessories should be accumulated from now ’til then. The time has come to retrograde our cosmos of a closet for a new age of Native American attire and accessories.

Trendy tribes around the globe have returned to their design roots during the Age of Aquarius. Pulling inspiration from our ancestors by way of South Western routes and South American regions, woven Native nuances and tribal accents are being incorporated by designers all over the fashionable lands.

Everything from shoes to belts and blankets, backpacks and apparel are being decorated with the indigenous markings adding depth to our excavation of modern artifacts. One brand familiar for their Navajo niche is Pendleton. Their Southwestern collaborations with multiple companies range from bags to dog beds and have become overwhelmingly popular with carriers such as Urban Outfitters.

South America’s archaic  influence is seen in a variety of motifs going into Spring with Aztecan zigzags  and jagged symbols reminiscent of Mayan pyramid steps. As modern brands contemporize ancient symbologies and heiroglyphics with a juxtaposition of earth tones and fluorescents, we  have woven shoes like the Joe’s Jeans Trixie Wedge, Chelsea Crews Samba Oxford and Freebird’s Cablo cowboy booties into our DNA.

♥ Amy K.



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