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Sally Wants Seychelles, not Seashells

During the warm summer months, many tend to live in beach-style shoes, spending the majority of their time at the beach; but there are a few who prefer to forgo trips to the beach and instead enjoy other fun summer activities such as trips to amusement parks, outdoor concerts and rooftop parties. For these fabulous…

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Hard as Nails – Steve Madden Shoes

They say you can tell a lot about a person by the shoes they wear, so if you’re the tough, no-nonsense, edgy type, then most likely you’re rocking a pair of shoes with studs or spikes. Like you, these spiky shoes are ferocious, far from timid, probably a little bit dangerous but oh so-awesome. Whether…

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Step into the White this Season

According to the old fashion rules, one cannot wear white shoes before Memorial Day but rules are made to be broken and no one pays much attention to this old fashion faux pas anymore – which is a very good thing, but as this past weekend marked the seasonal tansition, let’s indulge in embracing this…

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