Fashion meets Function: Rainy days, bring it on!

It seems that this week’s damp days would never leave the city, right? Since rain boots are always on trend, this season it is no exception to venture in the city with style, and we bet you’ll even find yourself cheering up the dreary rainy days. So, if you are looking for the best pair, here is a guide to four of the hottest rain boot brands this fall.

1. Floral Patterns & Prints for under $100
With these head-turning Kamik and Dav rain boots, we have your feet covered from the wet weather. They’ve got fall’s trendiest prints and patterns from snake skin, leopard and floral to tweed and houndsooth. Kamik and its fun graphic prints will instantly bring you back to your childhood when you used to jump in every puddle…this time with style (of course!). Known as a must-have rain boot for celebs, Dav keeps your inner trendsetter satisfied. Wearing a pair could possibly make you win a place in the “who wears it best” section of your favorite fashion magazine!

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2. Legendary Hunter
Hunter is most definitely a well-established classic in the world of wellies or rain boots. Whether you’re stuck in a downpour or a drizzle, this year-round closet staple will certainly help you make a stylish splash. With their very tall height and sleek rubber, they look endlessly chic when paired with a flowy dress and a fall cardigan. In a Hunter rain boot, you’ll find yourself joining the rank of stylish clientele like Miss Kate Moss, Kelly Osbourne, Lily Allen, Gwyneth Paltrow, Stella McCartney, Edith Bowman, Cat Deeley, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.


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3. Aigle Design and Craftmanship
Aigle  (Eagle pronounced “Eh-gleu”) a chic and functional rain boot, makes a grand entrée in DNA Footwear stores. Equestrian aesthetic, uncompromising quality combined with craftsmanship, these handmade French rain boots take the rainy day style to another level. The luxuriously inclined modern lady will recognize the high quality material and timeless style of Aigle. We promise that you’ll never dread another inclement weather again!

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by Josi




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