WEDGE SNEAKERS: Our “IT” Sneakers are IN!

Sporty is no longer synonymous with sloppy journeys into the outside world in disheveled sweatpants and bland, forsaken sneakers.

Acutely aware that the fashion gods don’t like ugly, quite a few of our favorite brands have gotten down and dirty to scrub the streets of all things scrubby. Doing us the grandest favor, innovating in order to renovate, these fashion-forward wedge sneaker collections  have brought the goods to the table for the rest of us to savor–cutting the excuses and the crap because we can look better than that!

Thanks to brands like Ash, Desigual and Puma, those of us wishing to indulge a penchant for comfort without sacrificing style are finding that dreams do, indeed, come true for the comfort crew. Naturally, now, the time has come to repurpose the ugly, but comfy into arts & crafts scrap, and step into a world where the synergy between casual sportswear and stylish design has birthed a myriad of hybrid styles that transcend outdated aesthetic boundaries of comfort. Our faves include the Cool Ter wedge leather sneaker by Ash, the mid wedge floral Suny by Desigual, and the infamous Puma Sky Wedge – available in 8 colors.

ASH Wedge Sneaker, Women wedge sneakers, Wedge sneakers at DNA Footwear

For more inspiration, visit our Pinterest boards, and the Sport Femme Polyvore collection to keep you confidently motivated on your journey to fashion forward comfort and fitness.

Happy Shopping!

Love, Ls. Granados 



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