Canvas Kicks: Part Three, Volley

Keeping the countdown going, our third brand of canvas summer time must haves comes from Australia, the land down under. Once a staple piece of tennis footwear, today Volley is as throwback as they get.

For Volley, the saying “less is more” is practically a way of life. In the brands hefty 70 year history the offerings have barely changed. A short lived high top take on the brands low profile Volley international was released in the 80’s. Give or take some subtle details, that move marks the most extreme change any Volley silhouette has gone through since it’s inception.

Originally designed as high end tennis shoes, Volley would get a lot of attention from blue collar workers and Australian “Bushwalkers” (hikers) thanks to its high grip outsole and seriously comfortable insole – like seriously comfortable insole.

Keeping the retro wave alive and well, today Volley builds each shoe according to the brands 1975 specifications, and have even re-introduced the ‘basketball boot’ version of the Volley International. While no longer the high caliber go-to on court kicks, of yesteryear, silhouettes like the Volley OC and the Volley International can still turn a few heads thanks to the brands unique, unmistakable silhouettes and use of printed canvas builds. 



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