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She Is Red Alexandra

Welcome to our newest installment of the DNA Footwear series Fridays With. We are thrilled at the opportunity to interview our favorite up-and-coming fashion bloggers about their style and favorite footwear. This week we were excited to talk with Andrea Amarotico, the writer and founder behind She is Red. For previous interviews please follow this link for more!

Can you give us a little description of She Is Red?

She is Red is a life and style blog that follows my travel and adventures (from Oregon to Denmark to New York City), culinary feats (focusing on healthy eating with a sweet-tooth twist), DIY attempts (mostly involving glitter and/or spray-paint), home décor and, of course, style!

Where did the inspiration for the blog come from?

Originally I am from a small town in Oregon, so when I first moved to Copenhagen – one of the most fashion-forward cities in the world – the change had an incredible impact on my personal style. I soon began documenting looks I loved to wear, trends that I loved to see others wear, and eventually everything else that inspired me (from home décor to cooking beautiful meals to DIY). Before I knew it, I was hooked to the blogging community. I truly couldn’t get enough!

What has been the best moment for you in your blogging career? 

Oh gosh – there have been so many amazing moments! From the first time I stepped into the tents at New York Fashion Week to the first time I saw my name featured on, She is Red brought me to places I never imagined I would end up. Above all else, the friendships I have made through blogging have brought the best moments. I was even introduced to the incredible company Warby Parker through blogging, which is where I now work in New York (right next to DNA’s new SoHo location I might add!).

Tell us about your favorite pair of shoes! 

It’s so hard to choose just one! I have so many shoes that I love to look at, but I am definitely of the mindset that comfort is key. No matter how beautiful a pair of shoes is, if I’m in tears after walking for five minutes, they aren’t worth it! I typically gravitate towards ankle boots, block heels, and ballerina flats, but of course my favorite pair rotates seasonally. This summer I can’t get enough of white, so my high top white converse and white leather sandals are getting a lot of wear!

And your dream pair of shoes?

The Chloé Susanna boots haunt my dreams. Black ankle boot? Check. Chunky gold buckles? Check. Gold studded floral print? Check. They are a sartorial dream come true! #swoon

What’s the best local spot in your neighborhood?

Hell’s Kitchen is full of so many hidden gems – I couldn’t possibly pick the best! I can say that this summer you’ll find me sipping rosé and nibbling olives on the patio at Medi Wine Bar, running and CitiBiking along the West Side Highway, tasting salsa and tequila flights at Anejo and trying to get rush tickets to see Hedwig and the Angry Inch!

And finally, what advice would you give to aspiring fashion bloggers?

  • Write about what you love, not what you think others will love.
  • Produce original content and photos! (Don’t steal from others – that’s bad blogging juju!)
  • Be a part of the community! Follow other bloggers on social media (not just the big ones!), comment on their posts, ask them for advice, meet them for coffee! You never know where these connections might lead – your new best friend, an amazing party, your dream job – the possibilities are endless when you work together <3


Thank you so much Alexandra for the wonderful interview! For more from She is Red and Alexandra herself, follow this fabulous fashionista on Instagram,  Pinterest and Twitter!

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